Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The cost of eating local

I think a lot about where I shop, what I buy, and how it impacts my community and the farmers I try to support.  I also think a lot about the finances of it all. Sure, it may seem to cost a little more to buy some items, but I find that I savor them more, and eat less.   Tonight I made dinner for my wife and two kids using primarily items that I purchased locally. And when I added up the costs, I was pleasantly surprised.

Mulefoot hogs

2 pork chops from Lockhart Family Farm  ~ $6.00  ( heritage breed Mulefoot hog)
Green beans from  Amy's Garden   $4.00
Broccoli Raab from Tomten Farm $4.00
Pasta fritatta( used 4 eggs from Pair a Dice Farm and leftover pasta and grated Cheese)   $1.83
Garlic, onion, oil, butter, cheese, seasonings     ~2.00

Total:  ~ $17.83, less than most any meal out or even a simple pizza

That being said, it took some time. Time to shop at the market. Time to snap the beans. Time to cook. Some folks don't have time or desire or know-how to cook at home. Many can't get to a market or a store that sells local produce.

Food access is a complex issue that deserves more resources and understanding. I am proud to be a part of Slow Food RVA and work with other organizations across the community that take these issues seriously.

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