Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting Food Stats

In last Saturday's New York Times, Sam Roberts took a look at some interesting tidbits from the 130th edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States:

We are eating less meat:  108.3 pounds per person in 2008, down 5.4 pounds since 2000.  But that's still almost 1/3 lb of meat per day.

We're eating fewer veggies too: 392.7 pounds per person, down more than 30 pounds.

We're drinking more wine: 2.5 gallons per person, up from 2 gallons in 2000.  That's less than I thought, only about  12 bottles of wine in a year.

1/4 of our calories come from Junk food....

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Natasha said...

The scary thing is we eat less meat and less vegetables but we are apparently generally bigger than 10 years ago, so what are we eating?