Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not Quite Ripe

I had the chance to visit Vietnam Garden's new location this month for a few meals. While the space is well done, the food was not as consistent.  And it has to be something special to pull me away from long-time favorite Mekong.  You can read my full review in this week's Style Weekly .

Showered with meals of love

Susannah's father passed away a month ago after a valiant 3 + year fight against cancer. We all knew the day was coming, but its hard to prepare for the actual event.   And to complicate things a little more, it happened the day after I started a new job after consulting for the past year or so.  Between adjusting to a new job, trying to help Susannah and the boys, and life in general, cooking was the last thing on our minds.  But it didn't matter.  For the past month, at least every other day, our friends have showered us with meals- some planned and expected, others clandestine drive bys.  Just yesterday morning I got a text that goodies were on the way, and not a 1/2 hour later, a platter of hot out of the oven chocolate and raspberry scones came from Gillian and Bob.  And that evening a tray of macaroni and cheese from Kristin and Steve.   Susannah has been managing the meals ministry at our church for the past few years, making sure that meals were lined up when babies arrived, friends were sick, and family members died. It was a blessing to be a recipient of that love for the past month and I thank all of our friends.