Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comfort me with offal

Nearly 2 months ago, in a stroke of culinary hilarity, someone came up with the brilliant idea of mashing the tweets of former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl with the attitude and raunch of Anthony Bourdain. In addition to becoming a mainstay in the culinary twitterverse, "Ruth Bourdain" also maintains a blog, Comfort me with Offal at

Here are some recent tweets that caught my eye:

Down below cars creep down puddled streets. Up here brown sugar, butter, cream swirl into oats. Above a chimp is drinking my absinthe. WTF! 7:14 AM Mar 23rd via web

Mind fucking blown at Marea's Soft Seafood Cuddle Party: snuggled w/eggs, oysters, uni, roe in a giant sea urchin shell. Smell awful now.

Scavenging! Gnawing on a cold, charred Porterhouse bone. Last egg. Only 1/2 lid tangerine zest. Barely breakfast on this cool gray morning

Beautiful RT @andreareusing: Our @ruthbourdain breakfast: soft-boiled farm eggs, crisp toast, children hectoring, projectile vomiting.

@jbchang u know what else works great? Guy fieri's goatee. Best organic bristle brush you'll find. Even cleans beards of mussels. Seriously about 20 hours ago via Tweetie in reply to jbchang

Off to get mani-pedis & cupcakes w/Giada & Rachael. Then, jazzercise w/Alice Waters & Paula Deen. Could be the worst fucking day of my life.

Fuck. Cut myself slicing rhubarb, ruby drops falling from the knife. Outside a finch flies thru window into my mouth. Better than ortolan.

On the river, tiny sailboat drifting by. Batali struggling to do one pushup. Geese nibble my grass as I swat them w/a hot dog, beak by beak 5:03 AM Mar 20th via Tweetie

Breakfast at Balthazar: Quintuple espresso, croissants, conversation. Room abuzz with oversleeping eurodouches. Shit it's sunny! 4:09 PM Mar 17th via Tweetie

There's also an interview on GQ's website that is worth a read.
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