Friday, February 12, 2010

The Republic: Richmond's Bread & Circus

I know that there has been a lot of blogger gymnastics around the opening of The Republic in the former Cabo's space and issues around leases etc. I tried to keep my focus on what I'm paid to do- evaluate the food, atmosphere etc. While The Republic has engaged in some nifty marketing ploys- their offers of a tiered membership and lots of Republic shwag, in the end I think that there greatest success lies in the way they were able to maintain a smoking section. Lots of people still smoke, and many love to smoke while they drink. End of Story. They have a pretty good beer selection and decent bar fare. Rick Lyons has some experience under his belt in attracting a certain crowd. And he continues the streak with The Republic.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, another layer of elitism with never a chance of a meritocracy.

Anonymous said... of adults smoke. So that's their marketing message? Meanwhile they say they are "green," which is all the more hilarious. I have never eaten there, and will not, due to the smoke that has been described as present in the non-smoking area, which is turn has been characterized as Siberia.