Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tasty Pastry downtown

As I wondered about the origins of the name of Aurora, one of downtown’s best-kept and perhaps strangest culinary secrets, my Russian friends give me a clue. The Aurora was a Russian cruiser ship that played a role in the 1917 October Revolution, a key moment in the Communist revolution. Chef Scott Davison, one of the key players at Richmond’s Aurora, is following in that tradition by bringing pastry to the people.

Read about the diverse array of pastries that one can find at Aurora, take a bite.


Helen said...

Thanks for the great article...I have been wanting to try their pastries for some time now but will definitely stay away from the tiramusu and apple strudel (unfortunately my favs).

Other than Can Can, who in Richmond has really good pastries?

Tascha Zorn said...

Paradize Pastries have really good european style desserts... they cater. 8045018807... they do a service called a quick fix. You pay like 7 bucks plus 5 bucks for delivery for a slice of a cake... I totally love the white chocolate vanilla cake with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting and cheery filling... YUMMY!