Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breakfast of Champions ???

My son is in kindergarden at Holton Elementary School in Richmond. It's a great school with a great principal, David Hudson ( who by the way is featured on the cover of North of the James this month.) Raine has asked me to have breakfast at school, which by the way is free to any child who chooses to partake. I finally relented and joined him last week. I have to admit that my expectations were not very high, but i was surprised that the 2 main entrees were pizza and pancake on a stick (with a sausage center its remarkably like a corndog. Cold cereal (of the sugared variety) and bananas rounded out the offerings.

And we wonder why our kids are getting fat, developing diabetes, and are in generally poor health. Where is the oatmeal when we need it?


Unknown said...

Hi there! Great blog! Wanted to talk to you about the real breakfast of champions, Zaydie's Granola. My mother and I make Zaydie's in Richmond and I would love to talk to you about my local, delicious, and healthy granola. Please email me at to get this ball rolling. Thanks!! -Shelley

Rusty S said...

How great is the principal, when he is feeding the children like that? If that were my child, I would make it a point to educate these "educators". Refined sugars and fats are literally going to be the death of America. You want to be really shocked, asked to see the nutritional facts for everything they serve at the school. I don't doubt that 50% of the entrees they serve have more than 50% of there calories from fat(hydrogenated, no doubt).

When I was kid I was always kind of embarrassed I had to brown bag it. Now I know that if we weren't so poor that we couldn't afford even the discounted lunch price, that these school lunches could have easily changed my whole life. Thanks Mom!

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