Monday, June 08, 2009

Frivolous Food Lawsuits

Frivolous Food Lawsuits, courtesy of's Food & Think

"Crunchberries are not found in nature. Crunchberries aren’t real fruit?!?

A California woman filed a class-action lawsuit against PepsiCo, the corporation that makes the sugary “Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries” cereal. The front of the box features a perky cartoon sea captain holding out a spoonful of colorful round nuggets that vaguely resemble berries (well, if berries came in colors like teal).

The woman contended that “the colorful Crunchberries, combined with use of the word ‘berry’ in the product name, convey the message that Cap’n Crunch is not all sugar and starch, but contains redeeming fruit…In actuality, the Product contains no berries of any kind…Had she known that the product contained no fruit, she would not have purchased it.”

The judge granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss, citing the precedent of a similar case involving Froot Loops. Seriously.

What’s next, someone discovering the shocking truth about Grape Nuts cereal? Or that there are no real rocks in Cocoa Pebbles?"


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