Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The weekend before last found us in Charlottesville for a nostalgic visit to see the Dave Matthews Band. We had a few hours to hang out on the vibrant downtown mall, a great venue for people-watching. We sat on the patio at Enoteca for some drinks and snacks- we shared a bottle of Montesel Prosecco and were not disappointed by clean sparkling flavors. After a snack of marcona almonds with sea salt and fresh thyme and bruschetta with sweet peppers, arugula pesto, and mozzarella, we had a few panini from a range of great options. I wish someone in Richmond would step up the panini choices beyond pesto and mozzarella. Mine combined a spicy soppressata, fontina, and radicchio while Susannah's combined fontina, taleggio, smoked mozzzarella and white truffle oil.

check out their website and full menus at ENOTECA.

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