Sunday, November 30, 2008

WIth Great Thanks

On Sunday after Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am not in a car with my children stuck in rainy traffic. And I am thankful for a few days in Washington DC where I watched mouths agape in awe of the T-Rex and the spaceships and the grandeur of the mall. But I also need to step back a few days to give a nod to those who fixed a fabulous turkey day feast.

To the Salps for their hospitality, Uncle Jimmy for his stories, and Uncle John for his jokes.

And here's a shout out to some of the highlights of the meal:

Andrew for preparing one of the best darn turkeys that I've ever eaten- a fried masterpiece.

To Amanda for her stunning spinach pie ( or is that from a stunning Amanda and her spinach pie) from our favorite barefoot food maven.

To Jill's Mom for the nostalgic 7-up jello fruit layered concoction that's pretty creepy and very 70's:

And to me, who overcame a lifelong fear to bring to Thanksgiving my grandmother's longtime favorite Mabel's rolls. And you may ask, who is Mabel ? Mabel Harris was a friend of my grandmother's back in the 40's when she lived out in the Northern Neck in Montross, VA. My mom and aunt have carried on the Mabel's tradition for years, but this was my first attempt- maybe its because I am not typically a cook by the recipe kind of guy, but lately my sourdough bread has gotten palatable enough to give me the confidence to branch out. And they turned out damn good. And I'm not scared any more. Well, maybe only that they will become my ask for specialty- they are that good- a hint of sweet, a taste of yeast, light yet substantive enough to hold some left-over turkey. Check them out below:


Anonymous said...

i can hardly believe it ... after 'dating' for 4+ years, spending nearly every major and minor holiday together ... i have finally made the blog. thank you john! (maybe next time you can post a mug of me too. then i will have really hit it big time.) but i do thank you for the spinach pie shout out. you know it is just one of my barefoot shining stars. love you 'honey'. that was a susannah shout out :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys could join us for the day. I would also mention the triple lindy that Susannah's cake did before landing right-side up as she walked through the door.