Monday, August 11, 2008

Baja Cantina

Spent thursday night in virginia beach at the Dave Matthews Band show- a nostalgic experience that took me back to the early 90's in Charlottesville as we watched our friends giddily graduate from local phenoms to international stars.

Had a great dinner at the homey Baja Cantina- blackened wahoo soft tacos- divine combination of spicy fish, crunchy cabbage, and a choice of medium, hot, or hot hot hot sauce.

set list below- nice cover of Talking Head's Burning Down the House

Seek Up *
One Sweet World *
So Damn Lucky *
Old Dirt Hill *
Pantala Naga Pampa *
Rapunzel *
Crash Into Me *
Corn Bread *
Eh Hee *
Burning Down The House *
Proudest Monkey
Satellite *
(Everyday) *
Halloween *
Water Into Wine
You Might Die Trying *
Sledgehammer *
#41 *
Ants Marching *

Don’t Drink the Water *
Anyone Seen The Bridge *
Too Much Intro *
Tripping Billies *


Ann said...

I just saw Grand Canyon Adventure at the IMAX -- soundtrack by DMB -- and was reminded of those fine Tuesday nights at Trax. Good times!

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