Monday, May 19, 2008

Joel Salatin is my hero

Broad Appetit was a great first-time event. Some great vendors, a chance to eat a cricket and orzo salad and the opportunity to hear one of our nation's great prophets of local food. He has a simple yet compelling message that resounds strongly in our communities. With several new farmer's maarkets in Richmond, it seems that the Gospel is spreading.

Here are a few of Salatin's guiding principles at Polyface Farms from his website.

TRANSPARENCY: Anyone is welcome to visit the farm anytime. No trade secrets, no locked doors, every corner is camera-accessible.

GRASS-BASED: Pastured livestock and poultry, moved frequently to new "salad bars," offer landscape healing and nutritional superiority.

INDIVIDUALITY: Plants and animals should be provided a habitat that allows them to express their physiological distinctiveness. Respecting and honoring the pigness of the pig is a foundation for societal health.

COMMUNITY: We do not ship food. We should all seek food closer to home, in our foodshed, our own bioregion. This means enjoying seasonality and reacquainting ourselves with our home kitchens.

NATURE'S TEMPLATE: Mimicking natural patterns on a commercial domestic scale insures moral and ethical boundaries to human cleverness. Cows are herbivores, not omnivores; that is why we've never fed them dead cows like the United States Department of Agriculture encouraged (the alleged cause of mad cows).

EARTHWORMS: We're really in the earthworm enhancement business. Stimulating soil biota is our first priority. Soil health creates healthy food.


Ann said...

It was a wonderful festival even with the rain! Great vendors, a terrific crowd, Peter ate some bugs, and Salatin was an inspirational speaker. Having it all primarily sponsored by Phillip Morris felt strange, and yet maybe it's time they started paying for a more healthy community.

RFMAA said...

I was wondering if you might lend a typing hand to help us help the 17th Street Farmers Market. For the whole (but brief) story, please read our petition at If you find you agree with us (or just don\'t object strongly), we\'d be much obliged if you would post the petition to your blog.

C U @ 17!

Mary Kroll

Anonymous said...

what your hero does to innocent pigs to produce the worst sausage i've ever tasted and the fact that he chooses inedibly thick collagen casings proves a spiritual criminality that i believe you to possess. its not too late to stop this embarassingly public display of an eating disorder.