Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eating Local

I am excited that Spring is here, the markets have started to buzz with activity and the ground is offering up fresh greens and other treats. My friend Paige and I have started an environmental group at our church- St Thomas' in Ginter Park. The basic idea is to educate our community about ways that they can positively impact their environment and live a more responsible life. The idea being that we are all stewards of this beautiful world and we have a moral responsibility to care for our creation. Last Sunday we had a kick-off event that included storytelling and planting for the kids, live music, fair-trade coffee and light bulbs for sale and a "local" lunch to enjoy.

I was in charge of lunch and crafted a menu that took advantage of what local goods I could find this early in the season:

Pork Barbecue ( the pork- 2 Boston Butts and a bone-in shoulder came from Faith Farm in Amelia. It was slow cooked for 18-20 hours over cherry and hickory on my buddy JP's Egg)

Cole slaw- the cabbage came from the 17th Street Market - i think they got it from NC

Challah Rolls- from our friends at Montana Gold on Cary Street- they mill the wheat daily

Route 11 Potato Chips - from Middletown VA

Dominion Ginger Ale and Root Beer- from Ashburn VA

Salad- picked fresh on Saturday morning at Charlie & Gina Collins' Victory Farm in Hanover- a pop in your mouth fresh combination of lettuces, mizzuna, arugula, spinach and radishes- they should be out at the local markets soon with their beautiful greens.

We hope to continue the eat local potluck idea throughout the year- it will be easier as the season matures.

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