Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Food and Love

On the eve of Valentine's Day, a holiday that celebrates love, passion and romance, and of course chocolate, my thoughts have wandered to the role that food and eating play in a relationship. The courtship process often involves fancy dinners out on the town, boxes of candy and home-cooked meals. I have wooed women with heart-shaped ravioli, heart-shaped pancakes, truffles, and fine wine. But when the courtship is over, it comes back to day to day life. And we all need to eat every day. How do we match up with our partner? Some couples have it easy- they share similar tastes, palates, philosophies. Others have to contend with a union of omnivore and vegan, bland versus spicy, take-out versus made from scratch. My wife and I do pretty well- we share a lot of similar tastes, and we both eat pretty much everything. I lean towards the savory, and she is definitely sweet. I read labels more carefully, tend a garden, and have joined the locavore revolution. She battles 2 and 3 year old palates that lean towards candy and hotdogs.

I have some friends where one of the partners has significantly altered their eating habits to maintain marital harmony. Meat lovers have become vegetarians, casual drinkers have climbed onto the wagon of sobriety. The things we do for love, and for ourselves.

The New York Times has a great article in today's paper- I love you but you love meat- For the full feed bite here.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Make Out Session

I am sure that many of you went to a Super Bowl Party last night and indulged in such culinary pleasures as queso, bean dip or salsa. Chances are there were some double dippers in the crowd. Professor Paul L. Dawson, a food microbiologist at Clemson, conducted a study measuring how in fact bacteria can spread through double dipping. The acidity and thickness of certain dips played a role in how much bacteria was shared, but in most scenarios, there was some sort of exchange- according to Dawson “The way I would put it is, before you have some dip at a party, look around and ask yourself, would I be willing to kiss everyone here? Because you don’t know who might be double dipping, and those who do are sharing their saliva with you.”

For the complete story dip here