Sunday, January 27, 2008

white bean soup

I love a white bean soup. It's hearty and elemental in its flavors. And the version my good friends Andrew and Jill served up on Friday night hit the spot. Cooked with a healthy dose of rosemary, the soup was infused with woodsy undertones. Right before dinner, they pulled out their immersion blender and went to work in their new Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Within seconds we had a yummy soup to ladle into bowls, ready to be topped with crispy pan fried rondels of chicken sausage. It was great way to end a hectic week. I started the evening with an introduction to the Dark & Stormy - a combination of Gosling's Black Rum and Ginger Beer- a really refreshing drink.


Anonymous said...

Would they be willing to share a recipe? I've been looking for a good white bean soup. Also trying to find a good one for white bean chili.

ugolins said...

i love charles simic