Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Gluttony Recap

It has been a gluttonous few weeks around these parts- from egg nog and sausage balls, 8 batches of different homemade cookies, a slew of office and other parties, chex mix and more chex mix, spiral cut hams, a crown roast of pork, oyster stew, italian cream cake, eggs benedict, vats of bourbon, baked brie, scallops wrapped in bacon.... and the list goes on. Enough to give me serious indigestion. It has only been through a rigorous exercise regime that I haven't gained 10 lbs.

Here are some of the highlights

This is a loaf of yummy bread from Peter's adobe oven- nice trick with the tree !

As usual, most of my gifts revolve around food- new sausage making cookbook, a Susan Spicer cookbook (she has two fantastic restaurants in New Orleans- Bayona and Herbsaint), an immersion blender- have already tried it out on a Gouda cauliflower soup, a ravioli cutter, and a fun new game, Foodie Fight. Not pictured are some additional treats- a Gift Certificate to Belmont Butchery and a jar of truffle salt.

Crown Roast Pork on Christmas night

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Anonymous said...

You must blog about how Foodie Fight is. I'm dying to play it ever since I saw it on Amazon a few weeks ago.