Monday, November 12, 2007

Pizza.... You Bet

A few weeks ago, I was sous chef for an afternoon in my best friend's back-yard. It was Peter and Ann's annual Halloween carving party, and guests have come to expect some of Richmond's finest pizza, baked off in huge quantities. Last year, Peter cooked 50 + pies, and this year we reached 75. His adobe oven is heated with wood, and pizzas cook quickly, in just a few minutes. He crafted a nifty contraption so that he could pass through the streched dough for me to dress. And then I could pass back pies ready to pop into the stove. I started with either tomato sauce or pureed carmelized onions as a base. Toppings included radicchio, blue and goat cheeese, pine nuts, mozzarella, fresh basil, and sun dried tomatoes. My personal favorite was a pie with a carnelized onion base, blue cheese, radicchio, and pine nuts.

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Johanna Beyenbach said...

That photo of you is awesome. There should be a blog of cooking action shots. And wow, 75 pizzas? That sounds like quite a mini assembly line. I had a craving for pizza yesterday and that really never happens... might have to treat myself to some later. I bet yours was better though!