Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Couch Potato (Chip)

A recent study published by the medical journal, Appetite, suggests that food advertising on TV has a direct impact on both the quantity and types of food that kids eat. The study compared how much kids ate after watching adverts before a video. The first session featured ads for toys, and the second session, fielded 2 weeks later, featured food ads. After each session, the kids were allowed to graze a snack table that included healthy snacks as well as chips and candy. In the group of 9-11 year old kids, "they ate from 84% to 134% more calories after being exposed to food ads compared with their snack intake after watching toy advertising."

The fact that a visual stimulus would prompt us to eat even if we're not hungry makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, says David A. Levitsky, "From an evolutionary standpoint, if you see it you better eat it because you don't know when it's not going to be there anymore," says Dr. Levitsky. "What the food companies have learned very well is how to take advantage of that process and get us to eat more by showing us food."
For the complete bowl of salsa, > dip here

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fourth of July Figs

Every year around the Fourth of July the figs start to ripen. I picked 30-40 figs off of my tree in two days. They made the perfect appetizer for the annual Peasley Party. Quartered, stuffed with a little goat cheese, and drizzled with a peppered honey, these figs were a big hit at the party. A wonderful combination of sweet and pungent and hot and textures ranging from creamy to sticky to just down right succulent.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

northside musings

I have been trying to refrain, but I decided to at least give some initial impressions of some new northside eateries. As I have mentioned before, take any comments about a brand-new place with a grain of salt. They usually need some time to get the kinks out.

Kitchen 64: The latest from Johnny Giavos is a great addition to the northside. He has taken a very mediocre restaurant that Zippy ran, and after a major face-lift and attitude adjustment, has breathed fresh life into that space. And the food is good too. The menu is larger than it is inventive, but there are some new variations on old favorites. On several visits I have tried the Manolito ( a nod to Manny down at Kuba Kuba and a nice sandwich but not as good as the orginal- the bread at Kuba is better). Hunks of pungent high test feta cheese dressed up a burger one day for lunch- divine. And the fries are some of the best in Richmond. One dinner visit found us on the patio yucking it up with some newly-made friends- I had a nice "northside steak" with a peppercorn sauce. Hats off Johnny and Katrina. Welcome to the hood.

Northside Grill- I stayed away the first few days, and I know they battled some opening day demons. My first visit was post Cowboy Junkies last week for a late night sandwich. They were packed, as they had been all week, so lots of things were out of stock including salsa and cheese for the nachos (we passed) and my club left a little to be desired. Untoasted pieces of white bread(partly my fault for not specifying, and partly theirs for not asking) are not good bookends for a sandwich. But the space is great, the crowd lively, and its nice to see a bustle on Bellevue. I will be back, and back again.

Pizza - I was out walking on Friday night and my little boys asked for pizza. With no yeast in the cupboard, and no desire to run to the store, I thought to myself "ZORBAS". I went in and asked if I could buy a doughball and was denied. No Dough for You ! I said that I would pay the price for a small pizza. Denied. To busy on a Friday night. I was a bit miffed and left in a huff. My mood lightened considerably when Andrew Wisniewski, across the street at Tastebuds, was not only willing to part with a piece of dough, he wouldn't take a cent for it. Now that makes me want to go back and back and back. They have great take-out and some eat in as well. Check out Style Weekly's recent review:

Style Weekly’s Patrick Getlein settles down for a few meals at Tastebuds