Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A New Breed of Food Blogs

According to am article in Sunday's New York Times, "Unlike an earlier wave of food blogs focused on home cooking, recipes and basic restaurant recommendations, the new breed is gossipy and competitive; it trafficks in pointed restaurant criticism and tidbits of news — Craftsteak has installed a new stove! Emmerite beans have been added to the menu at Tasting Room! — and is unsettling the ground of the restaurant industry."

Click here for the full article .

Sharp Bites

And come back soon to hear some juicy bits about Richmond establishments!


Ann said...

Shake it up Mr. Camel! Watch out Richmond!

Johanna Beyenbach said...

I do miss the food in Richmond. But please still keep on writing about the other great stuff too - food and your son, food and the farmer's market, etc. etc. etc. :) I love that stuff. Hope you're well!

Unknown said...

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