Monday, June 26, 2006

Taking Root

Sunday afternoon provided the rare opportunity and treat to visit several organic farms outside of Richmond in New Kent County. The main attraction for me was having the chance to visit Amy's Garden and see exactly where our farm share dollars are going and where all of our delicious produce comes from. I get a delivery every Monday, and it always seems to be an immaculate vegetation- now I can visualize where it all grows. Rye (my 9 month old) and I made the rounds of a few farms, an impromptu one-day-only farmer's market that included fresh pastas from Richmond's West End ( go figure) and some of the most beatiful sunflowers around. We even saw a demonstration of border collies at work herding sheep. One of the highlights was picking some turnips right out of the ground. Amy said that most people bitch about the turnips- I can't get enough of them- they are as sweet as an apple. I was dubbed Turnip Man.

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