Monday, June 12, 2006

No Chicken Nuggets in My House !

That's a refrain that I used to chant before we had kids. This is me checking our collective food pulse.

Eat to Live or Live to Eat- how will the kids turn out ? It seems like it must be more nurture than nature.

My two year old is generally a good eater, although he's gotten quite a bit pickier in past two or three months. He started eating solid food at about 7 months and would eat anything I put in front of him for a while. I tried to expose him to lots of things so that he is comfortable with a variety of flavors and textures. These are some of the more interesting delicacies on his life list thus far:

Liver and onions
steamed oysters
bok choy
tofu (last night for the first time)
snap peas
melons of all kinds

He absolutely loves fruit of any kind, candy (dandy to him), and probably leans more sweet than savory (mom's influence)

We were at a friiend's tonight and the witching hour came and he had Kraft Mac and Cheese for the first time. For some reason I have been protecting him from eating mac cheese and chicken nuggets because of a deep-seated fear that he'll become addicted somehow like so many kids, But then I thought, he's only 2 and he won't be eating it every night, and besides all that, I snuck a bite when he wasn't looking and had forgotten how good it was !


Ann said...

Your example is one of the most important factors in your child's palate (or so I believe). Of course, I do worry a bit when one of ours refuses the greens and just wants the cheesy-starchy things ...

My father always claimed that the best Mac and Cheese was from his childhood (his older sister made it) during the depression and must be made with government cheese ...

Jill said...

I used to think that my daughter enjoyed such a wide variety of foods, even as a toddler, due to the fact that I homemade all of her baby food. Nothing from a jar in my child's mouth! I didn't buy chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or take her to fast food restaurants.

I, on the other hand, was raised on canned & frozen veggies - lettuce being the only green I'd eat - and grew to be a VERY picky eater. I've gotten much better in my old age, but always wondered if my palate would have been better off had I been exposed to fresher and more exotic foods at a young child.

Homemade baby food sounds much more impressive than the task really was - think about it, how much can a little tike actually eat? And do you know how many ice trays you can fill with one bag of pureed carrots??? LOTS. Anyway, my daughter was eating Chinese food by the age of 3, steamed crabs & oysters by 5, sushi by 7, yada, yada, yada. So, nuture or nature? I'm still not sure. In most other areas of her life, she is extremely cautious. Not a dare-devil or a go-getter (like I was as a child..other than with food, of course). Exotic foods simply don't scare her.

P.S. I really enjoy eating your blog.