Thursday, April 06, 2006

A sharper palate indeed

I had the opportunity to attend the American Cancer Society's benefit fashion show, Cure by Design a few weeks ago. My client, Bon Secours, was a presenting sponsor for a truly lovely first time event in Richmond. La Difference was a funky backdrop for what was ultimately a fairly conservative fashion show. The runway was interesting- in the shape of a ubiquitous ribbon, but lined with grass and peppered with daffodils. A champagne reception launched the evening hosted by Miss America, Deirdre Downs and Susan Allen among the glitterati. Passed hors d'oeuvres included fried oysters.

But lets talk about the food- for a 300+ party, A Sharper Palate did a nice job- a huge sushi spread with sashimi, a nice selection of rolls and eye watering wasabi; an antipasto station with fresh mozzarella, carciofi, olives....; skewered duck satay, grits with andouille and shrimp and a host of desserts. Mojitos were a big hit as was the martini bar- never mix never worry.


Ann said...

Was it actually in LaDiff? or was it held at the turning basin? Sounds like fun!

Chris said...

nice blog. I'm hungry!

For a blog that also speaks of and about nourishment - though of the spiritual variety - check out

peace bro