Monday, February 20, 2006

When 8 1/2 is really a 10 !

Valentine's Day is always the worst night to dine out- hordes of people looking for a romantic night out with soft light, fine wine, and mostly mediocre food. The numbers work against you. There are just too many people out for restaurants to truly shine, hence the prix fixe dinners in the can.

So we opted for take-out. And where better than from one of the most "we take our food more seriously than anything else" places in town. In the same family as Mama Zu and Edo Squid,
8 1/2 offers a nice albeit small range of some of its sibling's menu favorites. We had a simple meal, with all 4 of us around the table:

Arugula salad with shaved parmesan
A white pizza ( the perfect mix of cheese, garlic, spice amd texture in town)
Spaghetti alla carbonara
canoli for dessert

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Mo said...

We did one of the Valentine menu selections from Ellwood Thompson -- mango red pepper soup, wild mushrooms in a polenta tart, roasted asparagus, smashed garlic pototoes and a vegan chocholate cake. It was awesome!