Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reception food

Last week Susannah and I went to two different events, The Maymont Flower and Garden Show Preview Party at the Convention Center, and the Historic Richmond Foundation Auction at Plant Zero in Manchester.


Ok, so the focus was on the flowers and not the food, but give me a break. Presentation should have been much nicer and I am not sure who chose mini cheesburgers with limp onions and vats of condiments. There was a random soup station that had decent red pepper soup- we turned around and gulped down our soup only to turn around and see that the whole "station" was gone. Was it an illusion ? Did they fall down the rabbit hole? The one saving grace was the cake- "Cakes by Graham"- a nice marzipan flavored moist layer cake.

Historic Richmond Foundation

A much humbler affair, but superior hands down. Local beer and wine, and a nice assortment of hot hors d'ouevres including meatballs, a piquant BBQ, an artichoke dip, roasted veggies with dipping sauce...

After the auction the Rileys and Pettys joined us at Bin 22 in Carytown for a nightcap. A nice bottle of Shiraz and some little bowls of olives to nibble on.

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